About Us

Who we are:

The story goes back to 2004, we as hardcore gamers started to share our expertise in building powerful rigs, and then decided to open an eBay store that sells the most advanced parts with incredible affordability. After endless hard work, in 2015, in oder to render a better shopping experience and more stylish electronics products, we concurrently founded the Drevo Brand and our own online store ArmYourDesk.



“ArmYourDesk” is not just the name of our online store, but also the slogan of our work. It stands for a brand-new spirit of modern life, that is, “Arm your desk before the dull routine of daily life starts to ruin your warrior core.”

In there, customers will find rare devices with outstanding features that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Moreover, ArmYourDesk promises a lifetime Worldwide Free Shipping Policy along with a reliable RMA procedure regarding to the better shopping experience we offer.

ArmYourDesk full heartedly invites everyone to take a look inside the deep part of their dreams. The dreams of owning a castle where monsters and demons couldn’t break in; of wielding a weapon that belongs only to themselves; of constructing a desk that no one could copy.



As the brand name Drevo (DR and EVO) implies, our ultimate goal is to be the drive of the evolution. Not the large-scale evolution that would change your life overnight, rather the subtle improvements that are hard to spot on the surface but can be felt on every detail and daily usage. 

The reason why we founded the Drevo Brand is because we always wanted to realize our ideas into real products. What we have in mind is that a product needs to be simple, unique, stylish, well-built, with the best performance, yet only comes with the price tag of about 50-70% of a well-established brand.

Under such philosophy, we at Drevo strive for perfection. From carefully listening to the users on their needs to the manufacturing of the product, our team relentlessly pays attention to every single detail through the process.

By teaming up with the top notch industrial designers (both hardware and software), we ensure the look, feel, functionalities and performances to be what we ultimately desire. By working with the leading manufacturers, we archive the best possible quality and longevity of the products. By constantly listening to the end user’s voice, we make sure that we always evolve and stay ahead of the changes.